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Find The One In 2021

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Ahhh, love...where do we begin in discussing this unparalleled phenomenon? It’s an invisible force that unites and excites us. Equal parts powerful and gentle, both a noun and a verb, and, notably, the topic of countless songs, poems, and works of art- it’s a universal feeling that we all long for on some level.

When it comes to romantic love, in particular, the goal for many is to find “the one”- a loving partner with whom they can happily spend the rest of their lives. In finding this perfect partner, many turn to online dating. While they undoubtedly serve as terrific tools to utilize in connecting with suitable matches, online dating platforms can also be confusing or overwhelming for many who are new to this realm. Luckily, we’re here to provide some helpful pointers to get you started!

Dating Goes Virtual:

As of 2020, over 32 million Americans use online dating platforms

Where to start

1. Your Ideal Match/What You’re Looking For

You may have heard phrases along the lines of “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”, but in the case of online dating, knowing precisely what you are looking for is half the battle. Going in with a clear idea of what you want out of the process and, more specifically, WHO you want out of the process can help save you a lot of time and set you up for success.

Before you even take the first steps in signing up for a dating profile, we suggest investing some time into asking yourself the following:

  • What characteristics am I looking for in a match? Get as specific as possible.

  • Am I looking for something long-term or more casual?

  • What are some deal breakers for me in a relationship?

Taking the time to explore these questions will go a long way in paving your journey to finding your ideal match!

2. Looking For Love In All The RIGHT Places

With online dating, finding your match isn’t just about who you’re looking for- but where you go in looking for them. With a constantly growing pool that currently offers over 1,500 dating platforms to choose from, it’s important to know which websites and apps are best suited for your relationship goals.

There’s many variables to take into account when identifying which platforms may have the best rate of success for you. When working with Love Letters Profiles, we consult one-on-one with you to determine which platforms are best aligned with your needs. Here are some of the things we consider in doing so:

  • Are you looking for something long-term or more casual?

While many apps allow you to pick either objective, some apps are better aligned with one or the other. For instance, Hinge is a dating app which markets itself as being “designed to be deleted” as the goal is to find you something lasting. Other apps are more geared towards casual dating.

  • Are you willing to pay a fee or premium?

Several apps offer “freemium” models where creating a profile is free but other advanced features come at a cost. It’s important to identify which features matter most to you and what free options there are out there to make an informed decision.

  • How would you like to be matched?

Dating platforms use unique algorithms and criteria to determine who may be a match for you. For example, Eharmony has its users complete a compatibility quiz to determine matches. Tastebuds is a unique app which matches you with people with similar music preferences. Bumble, another dating app, allows you to see if your potential matches share any common friends with you on linked social media accounts. Identifying what criteria is most important to you, is absolutely an integral part of picking what apps to utilize.

  • Is religion or spirituality something you hold as an integral part of your relationship?

Sites like Christian Mingle and JDate match you with individuals who similarly identify faith as being of importance to them.

  • Are you a member of the LGBTQIA+ community?

There are many apps such as HER, Hornet, and Grindr that are catered specifically to members of the LGBTQIA community.

3. Phone a friend

Many people struggle when it comes to writing about themselves. Sometimes, in crafting an authentic bio, it helps to get some outside perspective. As part of our process, we involve your friends! (Don’t worry- we keep everything PG-rated here).

We ask our clients to reach out to their closest friends to hear what they have to say about them. In many cases, it not only lends a fresh perspective, but can help to deliver a confidence boost as well!

Try it yourself! The next time you’re with a close group of friends, ask them: “what do you think are some of my best attributes?” You may be surprised to hear what they say!

4. Make Em’ Laugh

We are fond believers that humor is a terrific way to win people over. There’s few things that bond people like a good shared laugh. However, you don’t just have to trust our word on that. Attraction studies actually show that participants with a good sense of humor received significantly higher ratings of attractiveness and suitability than did those with an average or no sense of humor.

So, with that in mind, don’t be afraid to get a little goofy and inject your own personal brand of humor into your profile. A well-timed joke can serve not only as a great ice-breaker, but also add some fun into the process of getting to know one another.

Additional Tips:

  • As with most things, when it comes to your dating profile, you get what you put out. Take your time in creating a profile you’re proud of, one that you feel does a good job of capturing your authentic personality. Have fun with the process and use it as an opportunity to come to know yourself better.

  • Update your picture! Use a recent picture of yourself where you feel confident. Aim for a high-quality picture that highlights your best features. Try out different versions both candid and posed. Don’t be afraid to post a group picture either- prospects, in general, like to see that you enjoy being social.

  • Not sure about meeting your match in person just yet? Use a virtual date as a safe way to test the waters. There’s plenty of platforms that allow you to get to know one another without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. Why not use them to your advantage?

  • Don’t lose hope. Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither are A+ dating profiles. Don’t allow a lack of matches in the past keep you from continuing to put yourself out there moving forward. Your future match is out there waiting for you!

Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

Still at a loss for words? If you’re experiencing some writer’s block, don’t let it hold you back! We, at Love Letters Profiles, are here to help you craft a perfectly authentic dating bio to capture the hearts of potential matches. Let us help you put the pen to paper and get started!

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