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We love letters. 

Letters strung together make words.

From these words arise your authentic self. 

Our love of letters and humor gives rise to your authentic self and the ideal person deserving of your authentic love. 

How it works: 

We leverage online technology with a personal touch. 

You get the ball rolling with a survey. 

We interview you during a personal consultation.  

We create a custom online profile with you. 

We put the bait on the hook. 

You go fish! 

You Deserve Love.

We love to laugh. 

Don't you?
Who doesn't?

Our personal consultation takes the heaviness and significance out of the dating process. 

What's left is a space to create a profile brimming with humor and personality that will attract the delicious love you thought you might deserve but didn't think was possible. 

Our love of letters can help.

NYC Skyline BW


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